Hamlet videos part 5

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  1. merzl says:

    miss rigg I think that shakespeare wiliams really likes spooky books.

    • hrigg says:

      You are right Layth! He is famous for writing tragedies (Hamlet is an example of a tragedy)….but he also wrote comedies too!

  2. merzl says:

    I think that’s true miss rigg.

  3. alia1 says:

    1.He was being sent to England.
    2.Claudious was going to kill him.
    3.He was being sent by ship.
    4.I thought he would escape.
    5. A band of pirates saved Hamlet.
    6.Ill tidings means bad news.
    7.That Ophelia was told that Hamlet killed her father and because of the pain and loneliness she drowend herself.I think Hamlet feels heartbroken.
    8.I think Hamlet will kill Claudious.

    By Aleena

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