Talk Homework

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4 Responses to Talk Homework

  1. alons says:

    I would like to be a cheetah because they live in Africa. I’ve always wanted to see Africa! They are also the fastest animal in the world- they can reach 112 km in just three seconds! They also have exceptional eyesight and that’s why they are really good at hunting. They also live in groups and I love being around people. That’s why I would love to be a cheetah.

  2. kendt says:

    Tigers are very good swimmers and can run up to 65km per hour. Tigers like showing there canine teeth and there very sharp so they can hunt there prey. Tigers are the largest most heaviest animal in the world. Tigers are cute and fluffy but can be very brutal and dangerous so you must be very careful. If I was an animal for the day, I would be a tiger so I can be fast and climb trees.

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