Rozjanne’s Hit the Button score….

Hi everyone!

When I last spoke to Rozjanne, she told me that she’d achieved a very impressive 30 on Hit the Button (all times tables)! What score have you managed to get?

I hope everybody is safe and well. I look forward to talking to you all soon!

Best wishes,

Mr Bain

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3 Responses to Rozjanne’s Hit the Button score….

  1. sherr says:

    Good afternoon Mr Bain!
    I wanted to ask you how do you get in times tables rock stars if you know it because my friend taught me it and I forgot the password for it.
    I tried all my passwords and none of them worked.
    Could you tell me what the password is?
    Thank you,

    • abain says:

      Hi Rozjanne,

      I’ll look into this for you now!

      How are you? Today, I am going to record the next chapter of Varjak Paw and upload it tomorrow morning.

      Stay safe!

      Mr Bain

    • abain says:

      Hi Rozjanne,

      We are just sorting out login details as we had to resubscribe to the website. I’ll get back to you with the details soon!

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