Arthur Drawing Rainbow

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6 Responses to Arthur Drawing Rainbow

  1. abain says:

    Hi Arthur,

    I like your design ideas for the poster, the rainbow colours for the font is creative. Also, that’s a fantastic use of a plural possessive apostrophe for grandparents! I’m impressed! I’m glad you had a safe and happy time in France with your grandparents. What kinds of things did you do there?

    Stay safe!

    Mr Bain

  2. cojaa says:

    Well there are too many things to count

  3. sherr says:

    Hi Arthur,

    I really like the rainbow picture. It’s really creative! I can’t believe you went to your grandmother’s house!

    I thought we were not allowed to go to our family and friends house…oh well…

    Stay safe Arthur!

    • abain says:

      Hi Rozjanne,

      You’re right about visiting family and friends, however Arthur went to France a week or so before those rules were introduced so everything was done safely!

  4. qaziy says:

    Wow Arhur that is a very nice drawing I am in my uncle’s house right now because I had nothing to do. I hope you have a nice time there. See you at school when this crisis finishes bye. 😀

  5. sherr says:

    Ohhhh. Thank you Mr Bain!


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