Hello Year 1

 You have reached our blogging page. Well done!!

What have you been doing at home?

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5 Responses to Hello Year 1

  1. missm says:

    Hello Mrs Boujettef
    I am okay,i have been playing at home with my brother and doing some home schooling with my mother.
    At the easter holiday i was a little bit sick but now i am feeling good.
    I miss you and i miss my friends. i love you

    • hboujettef says:

      I can not wait to see all your wonderful work when we go back to school. I am happy to hear you are feeling better and you keep helping your mum around the house.

      You can upload some work if you like to show all your friends on this blog. If you need help, let me know next time I call you.

  2. merzj says:

    hello miss
    i have been playing and i have been doing lots of homework
    Thank you From janna

    • hboujettef says:

      Well done! I am glad you are doing some learning at home. We would love to see some of your wonderful work so ask your adult to help you upload a picture of your best work.

    • halbkri says:

      Fantastic! I’m glad you are doing your homework. I cannot wait to see all the work you have completed. keep up the good work Janna!

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