National Gardening Week

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12 Responses to National Gardening Week

  1. saemm says:

    thats……. so cool

  2. saemm says:

    my sister got hers today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. saemm says:

    ok maybe tommorow

  4. saemm says:

    I actually done it today but how do I know which seeds I get.
    also when I have to use the soil tablet do I have to but water on to it then it becomes soil?!

  5. turkt says:

    Miss what you have to do is get a bowl and put the tablet in and with your hands break it apart and is should become into soil.when that’s done you have to get a spoon and put the soil in the holder .put some in them put the seeds in after that u put more soil

  6. saemm says:

    thank you Tarana!!!!
    it helped me so much

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