The END of Charlottes Web

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  1. merzs says:

    I think Wilbur looked forward to winter because it was going to be a happy winter number 2 ???? number 3 they were leaving Wilbur because they older now 4 yes I do think the girls will write on there webs they will write anything they want I think charlotte liked Wilbur because he was a good friend tempoltin is the villain in the story cos he is mean to make a good friend you need to be positive kind and active no if I were charlotte I wouldn’t have a woven in my web for me it teaches me to be a good freind

  2. hrigg says:

    Nice answers. What did you think of the end of the story?

  3. merzl says:

    hello miss rigg,
    That is some really nice questions. but how do i the video of the ending bit in charlottes web?
    from Layth

  4. alia1 says:

    1.Wilbur looked forward to the end of Winter because it would be Spring and the babies would hatch.
    2.The signs of Spring are eggs hatching and the weather getting warmer.
    3.Charlotte’s children were leaving Wilbur because they had to find homes of their own.
    4.I think they will eventually write in their webs because Wilbur will mate, have kids and those kids will do the same things with the spiders.

    1.Charlotte liked Wilbur because he is not a show off and he is very, very kind.
    2.I would say Templeton is the hero because he was the one who found all the words for the webs and he got the egg sac at the end.
    3.A true friend is one that always has your back and would never let you down.
    4.I would have woven “DON’T KILL THIS PIG OR ELSE”…..
    5.The moral of the story should be, that no matter how small the help always counts because Charlotte is tiny but she saved Wilbur.

    By Aleena

    • hrigg says:

      Excellent responses Aleena. I love the moral of the story. Charlotte was small, humble yet a true friend! 🙂

  5. kaboe says:

    Hello miss rigg,I think the book was really interesting and nice. By Emily

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