Easter Holiday Book Review Project

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13 Responses to Easter Holiday Book Review Project

  1. saemm says:

    I review this 9/10.Id there was any famous book that are similar it would be *The nut cracker and the mouse king*. I said
    this beacause they both have mice/mouse in these books. My favourite part when Pimlco washed her family with water
    then their true skin colour showed. If I would like to improve this story I would make the problem bigger and I would end
    it with no more fixing and polishing the train.

    I drew a picture in my book ,which was about the story.

  2. missm says:

    Mariam : Year 1 humber
    i think it is for 10 years old.
    the b00k is called the mouse and the motorcycle.
    i love when pimlco washed her family with the water.
    if they added what happened when they came back from the adventure.

  3. fayb says:

    Year 3, Hudson book report:

    I liked this story. I think it would be enjoyed best by someone 6 or 7. I especially liked the fact that the characters all had names of London Underground stations. That was funny. Kids who like ‘The Gruffalo’ and Beatrix Potter stories would like this one.

    • jcostelloetull says:

      Well done for completing the review. I agree, the names being underground stations was a great idea! From Miss Tully

  4. alava says:

    This story is very entertaining mostly for someone aged at about 8/9 .I think a person who is really brave and adventurous would enjoy this story.You would like this story if you read or watch Peter Rabbit because Peter and his friends do things which are really venturesome ,and that is the similarity with both of the stories ,they are really helpful because the family of Urkers help if the train is dirty or something is wrong with it.What I loved about this story was that this story has a handful of perseverance which I really like.This story would be even more better if they could have done something daring.

  5. diris says:

    This is… SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!

  6. muald says:

    SURFACE WORLD HAS HUMANS. Rats might get stepped on and die

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