Literacy homework

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  1. alia1 says:

    Hi Miss Rigg and Miss S!
    It’s Aleena. I am missing you already! I am completing as many tasks as I can. I have also been playing these games with my brother hide and seek, bingo, blind mans buff, a variety of different board games and pretend play.
    My dad also got me some Elmer’s glitter glue and Elmer’s magical liquid to make some slime. I also Face-time people like my aunties, uncles and grandparents. We talk about what we are doing, how we are, the virus and how much we miss each other. If one of my friends are reading, HELLO! I’m really disappointed that we cant meet up but it’s for our own good so we don’t catch anything like Corona. I keep on staring out of the window at the school and thinking don’t worry Mr Gutteridge I’m sure we can beat Covid-19 soon and come back to school. Even if your at home thinking YES, I’m not at school! You should still be doing as much learning as possible. You don’t laze around on your phone on Tik-Tok, you should look at the school website for work to do. If you think you can get away with sleeping in then think again, the teachers have made you a daily time-table so you can still learn at home.
    Hope you all have a great day!

    P.s Miss Rigg I think I missed your call, please can you call me again?

    • hrigg says:

      Hiiiii Aleena,

      How are you? Sounds like you’ve been working hard and staying balanced (incorporating some fun and creative play too). It’s great to stay connected with our loved ones via technology – my family like “Up North” so we keep in touch with almost daily video chats and speak more now than we ever did before! I am disappointed too that we can’t be at school and see one another, but you’re right – the way we can help now is by staying indoors. Does your window overlook the school? It must feel funny seeing it and knowing we go in there yet! But you’re right, we will fight this and before we know it the school gates will be open again. Yes, keep up your learning everyone (there’s LOTS of resources on the school website).

      Hope you have a great day too Aleena.

      p.s. I’ll call you very soon!

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  3. ahmaa says:

    😐 🙂 🙁

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