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11 Responses to Riddle

  1. turkt says:

    number one is west

  2. hrigg says:

    You’re wrong I’m afraid turkt!

  3. turkt says:

    what is the answer i am going crazy

  4. turkt says:

    is the answer someone

  5. turkt says:

    number 2 is your eyes

  6. merzl says:

    hello miss rigg,
    it was really nice of you sharing a really interesting riddle to the whole year 4 class so thank you very much again and i also
    wanted to ask you one question. I just got ed a bit confused in the second riddle?
    from Layth

  7. toa says:

    Number 1 is what or stop. Number 2 I believe is cheese because that is the only food in the fridge.

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