Charlottes web video

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  1. merzs says:

    Number 1 is i think becuase i don’t remember but i think it was the last day that Charlotte was a live number 2 i rhink wilber had a sake of spiders in his mouth because he was trying to take care of them number 3 i think wilbur is feeling scared anxious or nervous please replay and tell me with wons i got right and wrong thank you

  2. ahmaa says:

    1 In the last chapter Charlottes life drains out of her.
    2 Willber did it because he had to carry the egg sack to the barn.
    3 It tells us wilber is sad
    I am all done

  3. merzl says:

    hello miss rigg,
    thank you for reading us little bit more about charlottes web and i also know what to read next when we finish the book. we can read the book could dustbin baby.
    from Layth

    • hrigg says:

      That’s the book you’re reading at the moment right Layth? Unfortunately I don’t have that book in my house – but I do have the Shakespeare collection, so let me know if you have any Shakespeare requests!
      Hope you’re well,
      Ms Rigg

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