The Way of Jalal – Skills so far…

Look at the skills below. Which is your favourite and why?

  • Open Mind.
  • Awareness.
  • Hunting.
  • Slow-Time.
  • Moving Circles.

Personally, I like Open Mind. Jalal says, “Only when you admit you know nothing can you truly know anything,” and this makes me think that life is a big adventure that continues to offer new challenges and opportunities for growth and learning, even when you think you are a master! There is always more to learn and always room for practice, so stay humble!

– Mr Bain

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12 Responses to The Way of Jalal – Skills so far…

  1. mohah says:

    It is true but it isn’t completed until we know the rest of “The Way.”
    Just remember “The Way.”

  2. turkt says:

    i like open mind , moving circles , slow time and awarness beacuse we dont hunt for food anymore and that open mind is nice beacuse you look around like nature , moving circles beacuse if you are in danger you can use this and when you move in a circles it is kind of a strech and a exciercise.slow time beacuse you make things slow and it gives you ore time to do things and it is kind of when you meditat.awarness beacuase you are awar of something

    • abain says:

      Hello turkt!

      I agree, Hunting isn’t such an important skill for humans but I think it’s essential for a cat! What do you think Shadow Walking will look like?

  3. alsaa says:

    I like awareness because in my opinion u have to be aware of something that may suddenly happened

    • abain says:

      Hello alsaa!

      I like Awareness too, it’s a good way to stay alert. You can practise awareness even when you’re at home by closing your eyes and listening closely to the things around you. See what you can hear!

  4. ghani says:

    Hi! I like the skill of hunting because you could catch a prey and eat it. But if you go to the shop you will have to by it. Bye see you next time.

  5. qaziy says:

    I just like all the skills. Like Jalal is kind of the main character in Varjak Paw but to me, he is like a warrior in Japan. I like the new blog though and I can’t believe that some of the Year 4 Clyde pupils are talking in it too! I would hunt many sort of things if I was a cat. The main thing I would hunt is rats! Rats! Yeah you heard me. Just kidding. I am not flexing here but I hope you are enjoying blogging in Year 4 Mekong! Wish you all the best skills from Jalal.
    Sincerely, Yousif.Q

  6. mohah says:

    Mr Bain, can you tell me how to post pics on to the blog please

    • abain says:

      Thank you for being so patient with this.

      If you go onto the j2e homepage and click j2e5, you can upload your picture there. Once you’ve uploaded it, click the publish button and you can post it to the blog. I will be sending an email to parents today to show how this is done.

      In the meantime, check out Literacy Planet! I can see that you haven’t tried it yet 😉

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