What would you like to find out about canals?

Next half term, our topic will be ‘Canals’. Back in the Autumn term, we were lucky enough to visit the Floating Classroom and take a trip along The Regent’s Canal.

What do you remember about our trip?

What would you like to learn about canals?

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5 Responses to What would you like to find out about canals?

  1. diris says:

    Normal canals are not powered by electric but power canals refers to a canal used for hydraulic power generation,rather than for transport of watercrafts. These power canals were ofen filled in as electricity (transport by power lines) replaced the need for local water power,and road transport needs or city expansion needs reclaimed the land.

  2. sulee1 says:

    i want to know about is there are fishes in the canel

  3. talea says:

    I would like to find out: How long have canals been around for? How many people visit them daily? Which canal is the longest? and which canal is the deepest?

  4. ahmew says:

    I would like to find out about canals How do people live in boat? How long have been around for? which one is the biggest tunnel in London? How big is the river?

  5. alika says:

    I want to find out:
    How deep is the canal?
    How many people can the boat carry?
    How does it feel to live on the boat?

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