How are you helping your family during lockdown?

PSHCE home learning:

Think of all the things your family members do to help you. Make a list.

Now decide on something you are going to do to help your family this week. You might want to ask your mum, dad, sister or brother what they would like you to help them with.

Let us know what you decide to do!

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5 Responses to How are you helping your family during lockdown?

  1. diris says:

    My ways to help my family: Do extra chores, clean up after yourself, avoid picking fights, spend time with my siblings, help my parents cook, help my parents work.

  2. ghanh says:

    I help my mum make dinner.

  3. sulee1 says:

    my family has helped me by helping me clean my room
    i am gonna help then by cleaning the house

  4. muald says:

    I would behave and fight coronavirus
    I’d try and find ways to avoid coronavirus in the public

  5. talea says:

    I Helped My Family By Helping Them Clean and Tidy the home and cook.

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