Hamlet part 3

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  1. merzl says:

    1.it was a woman who knocked at the door.
    2.because hamlet felt projected in his heat.
    3. the king.
    4. because he was the boss in the hole story.
    5. because hamlet did something funny to cheer her up.
    6. because when hamlet stop doing some really funny things he left.
    7. because the king was being rude to ophelia so that’s why hamlet decided to save ophelia which is kind.

    • hrigg says:

      Layth, please see my comments below:

      1) Yes, it was Ophelia
      2) What do you mean by ‘projected in his heat’?
      3) No that’s Hamlet’s father – who is Ophelia’s dad?
      4) No, try again
      5) I made a mistake in this question! I meant to say why did HAMLET laugh carelessly. Sorry Layth!
      6) Not only this, Hamlet rejected Ophelia. He wasn’t very kind to her.

  2. merzl says:

    thank you very much

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