Hamlet video and Qs

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  1. merzl says:

    1. the ghost told hamlet that your are in death.
    2. avenge means that your against each other.
    3. because he was scared of the ghost.
    4. the ghost the king and his self.
    5. means another word of death.
    6. the king.
    7. hamlet is gonna be in death because that’s what the ghost said to hamlet

  2. turkt says:

    i have read hamlet and it is really nice to read

    • hrigg says:

      Yes you have the Shakespeare collection don’t you? It’s a great read (all be it rather grim!)

  3. merzl says:

    1.that your are about to be attack
    2. it means protecting.
    3. because he was afraid of the ghost
    4. father king and the mother
    5. it means battle.
    6. the ghost
    7. hamlet is ready for the battle

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