Varjak Paw – Chapter 23

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6 Responses to Varjak Paw – Chapter 23

  1. merzl says:

    hello mr Bain,
    that was some really interesting reading in chapter 23 and also you really have lots of interesting voices so nice reading and
    nice voices.
    from Layth

    • hrigg says:

      I agree Layth – Mr Bain is an excellent reader and makes the book even more engaging with his use of expression. 🙂

    • abain says:

      Thanks Layth!

      What do you think of Sally Bones? What do you think her daily routine looks like?

  2. merzl says:

    hi mr bain,
    I think that sally bones daily routine looks like a order of a cat.
    from Layth

    • abain says:

      Hi Layth

      Can you be more specific? After all, Sally Bones seems to be quite a special cat! What do you think she does in the morning? What does she eat? Is she kind or cruel to her gang?

  3. merzl says:

    hello mr bain,
    sally bones wakes up in the morning then she brushes her teeth. next sally bones haves her breakfast and she eats mice and
    from Layth

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