Varjak Paw – Chapter 22

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4 Responses to Varjak Paw – Chapter 22

  1. merzl says:

    hello mr Bain,
    Wow! mr Bain that was amazing reading in chapter 22 and that was a really incredible Pow! so i think it was exellent.
    from Layth

  2. ghani says:

    Wow, I came across this accidently. Its really nice Mr Bain however I am strecthing my ears to listen its too quiet. I tried to put sound on max but still not loud enough. Ihsan

    • abain says:

      Oh no! Unfortunately, I can’t change the volume now that I’ve published it so this time, you’ll have to keep stretching your ears! Is the YouTube volume set to the maximum? Maybe try using headphones?

      Check chapter 23 and tell me if you have the same problem.

      Good luck, Young Paw!

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