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5 Responses to Rozjanne

  1. mohah says:

    The Coronavirus is a very deadly disease and I have just discovered that The Prime minister, Boris Johnson had caught COVID-19 along with Prince Charles. This shows that anyone can get it anytime and anywhere.

    make sure to be very hygienic!

  2. sherr says:

    Ik right! We have to be very hygienic.Lol

  3. abain says:

    Hello Rozjanne!

    What a thoughtful and well-structured post! I’m glad to see you’ve got such a balanced routine because working at home is very different from working at school. It can be hard to stay focused but it looks like you’re doing great. Well done!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your Sally Bones diary this week.

    Take care!

  4. mohak says:

    Mr Bain, do u mind calling me back later

    • abain says:

      Hi Hamzah,

      I will give you a call at 2pm this afternoon! I might even test you on some spellings and mental arithmetic too, so be prepared!!!!

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