How I am spending my time

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  1. qaziy says:

    Thank you Mais. Please stay safe out there. From Yousif.Q

  2. abain says:

    Hi Mais,

    Nice to hear from you! I’m glad you’re having fun at home and pleased to see you’ve been staying active on mymaths. Keep it up! I agree that it’s important we stay home right now in order to keep people safe and healthy. I think that having a routine is really important too.

    Do you remember that acrostic poem you shared for SCHOOL? If you were to write an acrostic poem for HOME, what would it be?

    • sherr says:

      I would say…..Help Orphans More Everytime? I don’t know what I just said but I just used random words and matched them with each other:D PS: Stay Safe everyone!

  3. sherr says:

    Oh I read it to late…..

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