Read these instructions to find out how to upload your work!

Before you begin, you’ll need to make sure that you have your image saved onto the laptop or tablet you are using to upload your images.
1) First, sign into j2e and click on j2e5 (the red icon).
2) After you have opened j2e5, click on the small green icon of a person at the top to upload your photo.
3) This will bring up a list of all media saved on your laptop or tablet. Here, you can drag the picture to the main page.
Tip! You can also use the tools on the right side of the page to write about your image and present it creatively!
4) Once you have finished making your post (check for capital letters, spelling and punctuation), click the publish button at the top.
5) Finally, give your document a title, select your class blog and click publish!
The publish icon looks the same as the icon for j2webby but it’s a different colour.
If you have any questions, message me here.
Good luck!
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7 Responses to Read these instructions to find out how to upload your work!

  1. begut1 says:

    How do you put your picture on the blog?

  2. ghanh says:

    I ve done the picture on j2e5 and uploaded it on the blog but it never worked.

    • mtaylor says:

      Well done for trying! See if one of your brothers can help you. If that doesn’t work, I will talk you through it next time I phone 🙂

  3. gashb says:

    I waited for a day for my post to appear

    • gashb says:

      And it still doesn’t appear

      • mtaylor says:

        Don’t worry. I’ve seen your post. Can you please either type it up and create a matching picture on the computer or take a close up picture of your page? We are not putting children’s photos on the blog at the moment so I can’t approve your post yet.

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