Hamzah realistic spider

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13 Responses to Hamzah realistic spider

  1. abain says:

    WOAH! That is so detailed, great use of colour! How did you make it look 3D? Keep these coming, they’re great!

  2. mohah says:

    i am going to do more today

  3. mohah says:

    what do u recommend i should do?

  4. qaziy says:

    Very nice pictures Hamzah. It’s like me saying “OMG! IS THAT A SPIDER ON YOUR BOOK?!” That’s how good it is! Well done Hamzah! Very good! 😀 😀

  5. mohah says:

    Thanks Yousif but ignore what Rayan said. I am not Hamzi, I am Hameeeeeeeeeeeeezon!

  6. qaziy says:

    Mr Bain. I done my picture but now I don’t really see it? Is there a way you could like approve the picture and then send it? Please tell me.

  7. begut1 says:

    Where’s Hudson class!!!!

  8. ghani says:

    creepy spider

  9. kendt says:

    Omg I thought that was real I was about to start shaking please tell me that’s fake. I love spiders so cute and fluffy well done Hamzah great job by Tyron

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