Read about my day!

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  1. abain says:

    Good morning!!!

    Nice to hear from you, I bet you have read at least 10 books by now!

    Have you been doing any exercise at home? There’s a great morning workout at 9am organised by Joe Wicks; check it out. It’s a really good way to start the day and get your heart pumping. Coach Denys loves it!

    I am going to be recording some more Varjak Paw this afternoon and posting it on the blog. Sally Bones is coming…

    Stay safe and smiley!

    Mr Bain

  2. mohah says:

    I hope you guys have had a relaxing and peaceful day!
    Here is how my days off started.
    So first of all, on the weekends i was doing my homework but most of it was games that i wasn’t really interested in but yeah.
    I also done some gaming on my PS4 and my Ipad, the games i played were Roblox, Rocket League and many others.
    Today, i have done a little bit of work and Art For Kids Hub but, i am most concerned about what everyone els has done on their days off. After all, i have had a great day! I will keep updating you guys to what i have done every day.


    I am not done just yet…..

    Did you actually think i was done????!?!?!!!!!!!?!!!!?!?!?!?!

    well i need to tell you guys a tinsy bit more……..








    • abain says:

      Wait?!? Are you actually going or not?!? Hello!?

      Nice to hear from you, I hope you are doing exercise indoors too. I will be calling you tomorrow morning to give you some tips on staying fit and healthy! What did you draw on Art For Kids Hub?

      • qaziy says:

        Mr Bain! Hi there! I just wanted to say that how do you call me? Is there like a discord that I could like join? Please tell me. Thank you.

    • anwor says:

      Hamzah i knew that would happen with you

      • qaziy says:

        It’s just the way it goes Rayan. He is so funny and that is the way he is. Well, I knew that this was going to happen too. At-least he is enjoying his time Blogging with us without a thing to stop him!

    • anwor says:

      That would never get me Hamzi

  3. mohah says:

    DID I GET U…


  4. mohah says:

    I drew the realistic lion, the realistic wolf and a lot more.

    Hope u had a relaxing and peaceful day



    • abain says:

      Very nice, make sure you take a photo of them. I will set up a blog page where we can upload and share our artwork. Have a nice evening!

  5. mohah says:

    Ok byeeeee

  6. qaziy says:

    Hey there classmates! I hope you are doing well but, today is a story that I will never forget all thanks to Hamzah. Today I just woke up and brushed my teeth. I read a bit of books and I played a bit. I thought if there was any online schools going on. When I was playing a game with Hamzah, he told me “Have you joined the Blog?” I didn’t know what he meant so I asked him “Can you send me the website?” Then he agreed and he wrote “J2 Webby.” So he told me the instructions to do. I didn’t see the letter in my homework to do while the Pandemic. So all thanks to Hamzah, I am chatting to you all! From Yousif.
    PS: What are you planning to do during this Pandemic?

  7. qaziy says:

    Sorry guys for sending another message. I just wanted to say that please keep hygienic and stay healthy. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly with water! If you have heard the rules and are following them, please keep doing those rules. It will help the cases and stop the world from spreading it more. Please reply to my message that sent a few minutes ago! Bye!
    PS: How many Blogs are there now in the Year 4 Mekong page?

    • abain says:

      So far we just have the one Varjak Paw one, however I am going to create another one where pupils can upload their literacy work and their art too. Have you been on artforkidshub at all?

  8. qaziy says:

    I haven’t done any artforkidshub unfortunately and these past few days I just have been thinking what should I do now? You gave me the best idea and I will do some later! Thank you for reminding me Mr. Bain. It’s like my dream come ture and I hope you have a nice day!
    Sincerely, Yousif.Q

  9. qaziy says:

    Oops sorry spelling mistake. I really need to get my spellings correct on PC. I am sorry. Well, I hope all of the pupils and teachers are enjoying their time! Please follow the safety rules and if you are, please keep doing so! Stay hygienic and safe! 😀

  10. anwor says:

    Good evening every citizen of Mekong class, i hope you guys have a successful time of holiday(maybe not because of the corona virus.)Have you guys been training your body?!Because you cant go outside to play because of the government restrictions. 🙁 Anyways bye guys! JK! Keep listening to what i’m going to say next! NAH bye PS! Miss you.

    • abain says:

      Hello anwor!

      I’m looking forward to see your artwork uploaded soon.

      I see that you’ve been onto Literacy Planet, well done! Do your best to finish those tasks by Monday as I will be setting more next week.

      Take care

      Mr Bain

  11. anwor says:

    Did i get you guys????

  12. anwor says:

    Did i get you citizens?

  13. qaziy says:

    I think so though because too much is happening in this Blog and I am just going crazy here so yes. I think you got me. 🙂

    • abain says:

      Have you been onto Literacy Planet, Yousif? It’s a great way to practise your reading, grammar and spelling skills!

      • qaziy says:

        Yes Mr Bain. I have. It’s a great way of doing it! I have tried to finish the tasks but the Ogre one, I couldn’t go on the next page. Do you know how to fix it? And second of all, how do you upload pictures on the Artforkidshub blog?

        • abain says:

          Hi Yousif,

          Have you attempted the activities in the Task tab? There are three spelling activities along with one reading comprehension about The Gorgon (Medusa).

          Good luck!

          • qaziy says:

            I have done the three activities but the Gorgon, I haven’t yet so I will try to do it.
            PS: May you approve my Art Work please. It’s the one that are cherries side by side.

          • abain says:

            Hi Yousif,

            I approved your cherrytastic art. Good luck with The Gorgon!

  14. mohah says:

    First of all you’re welcome Yousif and second of all Rayon i am not Hamzi, i am Hameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez OK? and third of all can someone help me upload pics to the blog.

  15. mohah says:

    I am a max tier citizen!

  16. mohah says:

    i have published it to j2 webby

  17. anwor says:

    SO i’m gonna tell you guys a joke, tell me if you like it pls
    Joke number 1:
    If a dog’s tail falls off where does it go to get a new one?

  18. anwor says:

    Every single day i’m gonna post jokes so everyday you citizens better be online!

    • abain says:

      Great idea! I will make a Mekong Joke thread so that you can write up your jokes and publish them there. This way, we can keep the blog organised 🙂

  19. mohah says:

    What cheese can never be yours???????

  20. anwor says:

    I don’t know …

  21. anwor says:

    What is it?

  22. ghani says:

    Stink cheese maybe??????


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