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12 Responses to paint

  1. qaziu says:

    I like the way he done the pictures

  2. allen says:

    I like the coulers

  3. hamij says:

    I like that he used a lot of colours.

  4. hosss says:

    I like the colers

  5. mengo says:

    I like your picture. Well done!

  6. astta says:

    I like your colours and it is great!

  7. alanh says:

    I love your colers

  8. rahmb says:

    I like the piktcher.

  9. youst says:

    I love the couler

  10. chanc says:

    I like the drawing because it is coulouful.

  11. merzs1 says:

    I love your coler yous brit coler

  12. ahmed says:

    I like the bird

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